US Half Cents is a type of coin that was minted by the United States government from 1793 to 1857. These coins were made of copper and were worth half of a penny, or one two-hundredth of a dollar. They were the smallest denomination of US coinage until the introduction of the US cent in 1857. The US Half Cents were produced in various designs and denominations throughout their history. The first half cents were designed by Robert Scot and were minted from 1793 to 1797. Following that, John Reich designed the next half cents, which were minted from 1800 to 1808. William Kneass then designed the final half cents, which were minted from 1829 to 1857. Due to their small size and limited mintage, US Half Cents are now considered to be valuable collector’s items. The most valuable US Half Cent is the 1793 Liberty Cap, which can fetch millions of dollars at auction. Other rare Half Cents include the 1796 Draped Bust and the 1852 Proof

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